ISO 14001 Environmental

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ISO 14001 Environmental

Woodley Coles are very proud that our Environmental Management System has been accredited to the standards of ISO 14001 and take our commitment to the environment very seriously. 


In gaining this certification, which we understand to be rare amongst cost consultants of our size, we have readily demonstrated our dedication to ensuring our staff are adequately trained, our suppliers act sustainably and with due regard for the environment and that every care is taken to reduce our impact on the environment in the office and whilst on site and reduce unnecessary waste.


The full commitment of our team was essential to achieve this.  Focusing on reducing energy consumption and more energy efficient ways of working has indirectly resulted in operational cost savings which helps keep our business lean and competitive.   All our staff live locally which results in the environmental benefits of reduced commuting and the use of public transport is openly encouraged as well as car sharing, wherever possible.


Given the ever tightening legislation regarding carbon footprints, the technology with respect to sustainable approaches to construction and whole life impacts of buildings is moving at pace.  As a professional construction consultant we have a significant responsibility to ensure that all aspects of sustainability are explored to challenge existing boundaries and maximise the use of natural ventilation and daylight where possible in lowering the environmental impact of buildings while maximising the comfort levels for the building users.