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Life Cycle Costs

As cost consultants we understand, more than most, the critical importance of enhancing our client's commercial wellbeing and fully appreciate that the sustainability of a building does not stop with the initial capital investment. The ongoing running and maintenance costs must be considered by looking at the overall life cycle cost of buildings to ensure our clients are achieving the very best value for money.  By providing clients with the Nett Present Value of a building’s life cycle cost, a more informed and long term investment decision can be made on how the building is designed, built and operated.


Looking holistically at the life cycle of a building provides a much more comprehensive assessment of its true cost. As example, we have worked with one client who made all their development decisions on the basis of a full net present value assessment, taking into account all the running and maintenance costs of their developments to ensure longer term viability.  Whilst traditional construction methods have a lower capital cost, and thus appear a tempting soluition to the client, we have a duty, as guardians of our clients budget to ensure they fully appreciate the long term cost implications of their decisions. 



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