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Cost Planning

Effective cost planning is an essential tool to ensure ultimate best value for money for our clients.  In calculating the overall costs of a project as accurately as possible whilst allowing for the correct level of contingency funding, ensures peace of mind for our clients in their financial investments.

When developing the cost plan all options and alternatives must be carefully considered and analysed so that best value can be determined.  The Cost Plan is a critical document for many of our clients in their funding applications and can determine the future outcome of a project.  It is therefore critical that our service offering in this area is of the highest standard and the high level of our retention throughout the lifespan of a project acts as testimony to the excellence of our initial cost planning.

If the process of transferring a project from a tender to a contract is not carefully managed, much of the valuable cost planning and risk analysis undertaken whilst the project was on the drawing board can be wasted.  To this extent, the cost plan is as powerful a financial management tool during construction as it was during design, and it must continue to be managed robustly at every stage.