Monitoring Surveyor

In today's competitive markets, funding for construction projects and property development becomes increasingly more difficult to secure directly from banking sources.  For those who do continue to loan to developers the role of the Monitoring Surveyor is becoming ever present and critical to offer assurance to the banks that their lending is viable and secure. 


Following the initial detailed report we carry out authorised valuations of construction activity to faciliate the drawdown of funds which is issued within a written interim report. Through our role as Monitoring Surveyor we fully immerse ourselves in the project, communicating closely with all parties and our duties must extend to ensure compliance and performance at every stage, reporting any concerns to our client immediately. 


Woodley Coles is currently working for a number of reputable, recognised banking clients on many high profile individual and multi-dwelling developments and our level of repeat business for these clients is high.   When recently requesting feedback on our services, one client commented that not only were our services more cost efficient but our reports were of a far higher standard than those of our more sizeable competitors.